Sunday, April 19, 2009

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Recycling Asphalt Shingles

There are a few current events that are quite popular right now.  Many people are concerned about the economy and the government has taken some extraordinary steps to address this.  Another big issue concerns the environment and global warming.  It seems that people, government, and businesses alike are finally starting to take these issues seriously.  This is good news for all of us, but it is nothing new for Evergreen Construction.  Evergreen Construction has always been concerned about the environment, and we want to make sure that our company does not make a negative impact on the planet.

Because of this, it has always been the policy of Evergreen Construction to recycle whenever possible.  One of the biggest waste items for our company is used asphalt shingles, yet instead of taking these to a landfill, we recycle them.  It is much better for the people, the company, and the environment as a whole that we make this extra step.  We are happy to do it because we know how much the people of Minnesota enjoy their state.  As you can see, Evergreen Construction is much more than a Mankato Minnesota roofing company. 

If you require installation or repairs for your roof, gutters, windows, or siding, and you are concerned about the environmental impact this will have, then you have selected the perfect roofing contractors Minnesota.  Not only do we do quality work, but we are also concerned about the welfare of our clients and the environment.  Now is the time to act because according to Minnesota terms, you can receive a tax break on your roofing work.  In addition to the environment, we are also concerned about roofing costs in Minnesota and we want to help you in every way we can.  Call us today and take advantage of what we have to offer.  You can reach us by phone at 651-209-3130 or email us at  Don’t hesitate.  You will be pleased with both our work and our care for the planet. 

We help residential and business owners with all exterior needs. 

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  1. couple of do you recycle your shingles and what vendor to you partner with to make this possible? are you interested in repairing my home that has incurred hail damage?

  2. Also your address. You may call my office at 651.209.3130 and request to speak with Joe.


  3. why do you need my name AND address to answer my questions? this is a blog isn't it? a simple answer will do...then i will decide if i want to go further.

  4. Again, 651.209.3130 ask for Joe. I will answer any questions you may have about asphalt shingle recycling. Thanks!

  5. as i see it, a blog for your type of business is a way to communicate with prospective clients who are not ready to CALL you. by giving them the information they NEED now, the hope is that they will call based on given information. i believe you're missing the blog concept entirely. maybe that is why you haven't had any visitors requesting information.

    i do not see any reason why i need to call you to answer my questions. either you provide them here in this forum or i will go elsewhere...with my house that has been approved for hail damage.

  6. Here's your original inquiry:

    couple of do you recycle your shingles and what vendor to you partner with to make this possible?

    My response- We drop off shingles at a transfer station that then brings them to a recycling facility. Similar to your recyclables at your home or apartment (aluminum cans, cardboard, newspapers, etc). Then they grind the asphalt down. Then it is used for asphalt driveways, golf cart paths, bikeways, etc. One day roadways.

    The vendor I use will be given to you upon a signed agreement to do the work. I'm not making the connection that by DISCLOSING whom my vendor is will help you in your decision process?
    Our vendors we use our proprietary. Most homeowners qualify us by our professionalism, warranties, years in business and craftsmanship, not which vendors we use???????

    are you interested in repairing my home that has incurred hail damage?

    Yes we are interested in repairing your home that has incurred hail damage.

  7. Now THAT looks like a Florida consumer talking there!